Our green credentials

Wherever possible we use fully or semi recycled paper, wood-free paper or paper from certified sustainable forestation.

Wherever possible we use vegetable-based inks, sealer and machine-varnish.

Whenever a job requires matt or gloss lamination, we always recommend bio-degradable despite it's much higher cost.

All paper and chemical waste is properly stored and is collected by an authorised certified waste management company for recycling or authorised disposal.

We have achieved our goals of ISO 14001 and FSC accreditation.

Many Companies and Organisations have misconceptions regarding the use of recycled paper, in particular what is and is not good for the environment. We have taken the time and trouble to research this and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Rest assured if you work with Schwartz, you work with a company that will dispel all the myths, truths and untruths written about paper and printing.

Our Credentials