Travel is good for the Seoul

A typical Monday morning in January. Everyone at their desks, beavering away. Machines running. Phones ringing. Everything under control.

10.00am. Problem. We'd printed two brochures for a client - one Chinese, the other Korean - and despatched the latter to Seoul to arrive on that Monday for use in a major presentation on the Wednesday. Trouble was, we'd made a silly little - but potentially deal-busting - error. No problem. By mid-afternoon we'd reprinted and finished the required 500 copies. Problem. None of the international couriers could guarantee to deliver them to Seoul in time for the Wednesday presentation. No problem. By 8.00pm one of our staff was on board a plane to Seoul with the 500 copies in his suitcase. Result? A relieved and happy client.

The actual value of the original job was relatively small. The cost of rectifying our mistake outweighed it by a factor of more than 10 to 1. But it was our mistake. And if it's humanly possible, we don't let clients down.

It's called dedication - a priceless commodity in today's market.